• About Angaza Elimu

  • Angaza Elimu

    Angaza Elimu is primed to transform education across Kenya and beyond by addressing the problem of inefficient classrooms and inadequate educational material. At Angaza Elimu, we enhance the classroom experience and strengthen the student-teacher bond. By combining a comprehensive e-Learning platform with a simple classroom setup, Angaza Elimu eases the administrative burden of teachers and frees them to spend more time teaching substantive material. Additionally, Angaza Elimu encourages children to further engage with technology with a student portal that challenges them to think critically.

    Angaza Elimu was an initiative by Kiko Muuo and the chief developer of the platform Robert Ndung'u.

    Our Approach

    1. Augment, not replace the teacher-student relationship through technology

    At Angaza Elimu, we emphasize on the role of human-human participation in the classroom. Our focus is not to substitute teachers with technology but integrate the two to create an enhanced learning environment. Unlike most e-learning platforms in the market, our system is cut to provide a seamless interaction between the teachers and the students.

    2. Competency based and mastery learning

    • Learning concrete skills rather than abstract learning
    • Students must demonstrate mastery of concept (through alternative quizzes, methods of assessment)
    • In-class collaborative activities
    • Individual competency assessment
    • Nurture critical thinkers, curious minds

    3. Quality and up-to-date teaching aids that suit the students’ needs, talents and interests

    Angaza Elimu is designed hand in hand with the people who are intended to use and teach using it. The end-product is therefore customized to address the problems, needs and desires of the learner. Our contextualized teaching aids focus on the theoretical and technical/practical lessons as well.

    • Content built with local and contextualized examples
    • Content /strategy developed through students-teacher collaboration
    • Content developed by a spread network of teachers within the Kenyan primary school network

    4. Core Values

    • Integrity: Our strong work ethic and principles drive us to be the leading e-learning platform in Africa.
    • Commitment: Our dedication to our mission of improving the quality of education in Africa is unwavering.
    • Innovation: Our curiosity propels us to invent creative, sustainable solutions to solve classroom problems, regardless of the geographic location.
    • Excellence: Our emphasis on quality is proven through our teacher-created, government-certified content that teaches students to truly learn, not memorize, material.
    • Accountability: Our first priority is customer and beneficiary satisfaction. We accept responsibility for challenges that may occur, and work with customers and beneficiaries to develop satisfactory solutions.